Of Cliffs and Idle Cops

One night at the observatory, I was cooking and listening to music when I heard a loud knocking at my door. This immediately freaked me out, as I never get visitors unless I know they’re coming, plus I would hear their car coming up the half mile driveway. I opened the door with hesitation and it was my friend Rich! I looked around for his car and asked him how he got here. He was a bit shaken “its over a cliff!”  He told me that he had tried to drive around a downed tree and over the cliff he went and had to walk the rest of the way. I thought he might be a little out of it and over exaggerating, so I told him to hop in my van and we will go pull it out. We drove to near the end of my dirt road and he told me to stop. We got out and sure enough, off the side of the cliff, about 20 ft down was his car, held up by a tree stump in the passenger door! It was balanced on the stump! There was no way I was going to be able to get that out without losing booth vehicles over the edge. We decided to go back to the observatory and call a tow truck. The tow truck said it would be about 30 minutes and we said we would meet them. We hoped back in the van and drove back to where his car was.

We got about 2 miles down the road and when we turned the corner, there were cops everywhere and we stopped. Their blinding lights shining on us, “step out of the vehicle!”. I’m looking at Rich, like WTF? We quickly complied and they came up to us with suspicion, “what are you doing out here? Where do you live? Do you know about anyone trying to break in to Mrs. Smith’s place?” I said I have no idea, but Rich with his face looking a bit squeamish “well, I did knock on her door about 40 minutes ago because I drove my car over a cliff”. Apparently, Mrs. Smith was deaf in one ear and couldn’t hear what Rich was saying when he knocked on her door and she was so freaked out that she called the cops and said someone was trying to break in! The cops didn’t fully believe us because they had driven up the road and seen nothing. So, we lead them to the site and once they saw his car, they became disappointed for they then knew there wasn’t any real crime happening. Some of the cops had raced from the next county and been there in less than 15 minutes! It seemed that every cop within a 30 mile radius was there. There was Sheriff, police, undercover cops and I think SBI! Once, they found out nothing was happening they all got in the cruisers and left, save one. He was supposed to wait with us for the tow truck. He waited about 5 minutes, pissed on a tree and as he turned zipping it up he said “good luck”, got in his cruiser a sped away.. The tow truck eventually showed and was able to get the car back on the road, but by that time, Rich needed to head back home. With a large smirk on my face and a patting of his back “great visit! Let’s do this again sometime!”