Christmas music playing

Snow falling,

In the cabinet displaying,

Reminders of love,

Ring of bonding,

Glistening on the shelf,

Starring by myself.

Always on the sidelines,

Watching others fall in love,

Even the ones I love.

There was one,

The one I long for,

Years must pass,

As they always do,

And perhaps, alas,

I will have you.

I will be heading home,

To see family,

Hugs, kisses and pumpkin pie.

I can’t wait to plane and fly.

Christmas is still my favorite time,

It still has a loving feeling in the air,

And things are done with a little more care.

Plus the best chick flicks

To give me my romance kicks. :)

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Especially, the one I can’t wish one to.