Indifferent sky

Standing in the dark,
Standing in the rain,
Standing forever.

The rain caresses my face,
It’s cold pin pricks remind me that I exist,
Soaked with its cold love,
I drive,
No one to my right,
Except in my mind,
The one I love.

Feeling cold,
Only in my mind is it ok to love,
Only in my mind is it ok to be touched,
But, this night, while all are asleep,
I quietly get touched,
By the cold tears of the sky.

It is something to just be,
To just stand there,
Surrounded by nature,
Too dark to really see,
But to feel the cold air,
The sting of the rain,
To stand there as long as I care,
No air of disdain,
No word from the rain.

To be drenched,
With no worry,
I exist,
That’s it.
The sky will never sue,
The sky will never threaten,
The sky exist,
As do I,
And that is enough,
Although it cries down on me,
It pays no mind,
Neither thought of hate or kind,
And that gives me piece of mind.
For I have enjoyed,
Without being punished.