Jan. 19th, 2010 at 10:53 AM

You are on my mind every second of every hour of every day,
To the universe I talk, I beg, I plead, I pray,
That you will return to our life,
To someday act as my wife

There is a giant whole in my existence,
I can barely offer any resistance,
It effects me so everyday,
Its hard to have a good day.

With the sunshine you arrived,
Of both I had been so deprived,
On a euphoric high was I,
Letting you go because I must comply,
Seeing you go I began to cry

The lasting effects of you,
Saw me the whole day through,
Only late at night did return my sorrow
Wishing for a few more hours I could borrow.

I get so excited when you call,
To the phone I run down the hall,
Hearing your voice,
I want to rejoice,

A new day has begun,
I don’t think its going to be fun,
You are not around,
And the rain falls to ground,

Another dreary day without you,
My tears are back, right on cue,
I cry and wail,
To no avail.

Being without you hurts so deep,
From the depths of sorrow I will never creep,
Your return is my only hope,
Otherwise I just could not cope,
I will never get over this,
This ride we had in bliss,
I may bury this feeling,
But I will never be done healing.

I love you more than life,
I want you for my wife,
To think of our littles,
Together cleaning spittles,
Little Seans and Tonyas give me joy,
That would make Otto the oldest boy,

At this point, just a fantasy,
All I need is you here with me.

We complete each other.