Longtime since ’36

It’s been many years since that summer in ’36,

The summer of ’07, when I found you again,

Your hair had changed,

You were younger,

But it was still you,

After all these years,

You still were one to play games,

Taking advantage of my weaknesses,

How you laughed as you ran off with my stolen cell phone,

Around tables you ran, saying “it’s mine now!”

And this time we played on the waters of the Andes,

So high, there was barely air to laugh,

Somehow, we still managed to laugh until we cried.

My Stearman has long since faded into the past,

but together we flew high,

High into the depths of space.

Theft of my ship.

Left me stranded on a alien world,

But you were my world….again,

I knew it was in jest

And across the galaxy I pursued,

Until united by an infinite bond,

Billions of years in the making,

Seemed every day had a magical way with you.

And the days together formed a fairy tale.

It was so brief,

But it felt like a lifetime,

Now you are gone,

And I am once again alone,

With only memories, letters and photographs,

My day still begins and ends with you.

As I lay here, I can still smell the faded scent of you….bear’ly…