Model A

Arriving home, stepping out of the old model A truck,
Over the corn field, I see smoke and hear the whistle of 5 o’clock train,
As I walked up to the house, a light breeze was blowing,
I could hear you singing and softly playing the piano just inside the door,
playing. . “You made me love you” I think.
I stood on the porch, watching you,
delighting in the beauty that was you and the magic that your voice carried, the slight movement of your body back and forth across the bench,
with the creak of the porch you stopped playing and I thought the moment was over,
You turned, looked up at me, let your hair free and fingered me to come closer,
I got excited, overwhelmed with your beauty, your hair glowing as the setting Sun shown through the window. As I approached, expecting to be swept off my feet, you grabbed my hat and ran out the door saying “It’s mine now!”.

You always were one to play games, perhaps that’s why I love you so much. After a chase across the yard to finally catch you in the barn, we laid under Stearman, laughing, poking fun, kissing until dark. Seemed every day had a magical way with you.