Through the Veil of my Canopy (Thoughts at Midnight)

On my bed,
warm and cozy
in a corporeal way,
there I lay.

You quietly enter my room,
as to not disturb my slumber
I see your outline through my dark velvet canopy
As I gaze in longing and awe at you
I begin to see the detail
the curve of you back
the outline of your nose and lips
the glint of light in your eyes
suddenly, you hand raises up to your cheek and pushes back through your long black hair
something drops to the floor.
By the outline of your bosom,
I see there are clothes no more.
It startles me when the curtains part
sounds of pounding,
it’s my heart.
Lovingly you gaze in at me
seeing my gaze back at you
you smile enchantingly,
lifting the covers ever so slightly
you slide in to comfort me
to further make my bed
a lap of luxury
warm and cozy in every way
there we lay.

My hands feel your skin of polished silk
silk that goes on through mountains and valleys as though it never ends
the smell of your hair,
my lungs are too small
to take in enough air.
It all takes my senses aloft
and like a rocket ride into space
I have finally found my place
where I am supposed to be
where we are supposed to be
at each others side.
To comfort one another with each others warmth
in every way
that warmth
which we can stand on each and every day
and accomplish anything.
Life becomes warm and cozy when
together we stand.