Where are you?

It was the summer of ’36, just before the war.
You and I picnicking, the tall grass, warm breeze.
You laughing as I chased my hat the wind had stolen from me.
Caressing your soft sun lit face as your eyes closed and you turned to grin.

Flying home in my Stearman, clouds gliding by.
Your dark hair, ends fluttering in the wind
Your smile lit the world
The world was beautiful then
When you were my world.

That was a previous life.
But still I remember.
I still look for you out in the tall grass.
I still see your sunlit smile.
I still can hear your laugh.
But you are not there.
Where are you?
I must find you.
I have been searching so long.
Dreaming of yesterday with you
Wanting tomorrow
Here I am waiting . . .
Please find me.