Beauty in the Shop Tonight.

The flickering light off counterweights
as the fans eclipse the ceiling lights
the soft flickering glow from the stove
all quiet nay the
gentle music playing
and the rain outside dripping on an old
piece of styrofoam.
The cats asleep in front of the fire.
I’m feeling old and proud,
but young and adventurous
thinking of what life is
and will be.

The beauty of the polished instruments
sitting inside, the rest of the universe closed off
with rain, they stand idly proud in this once place of worship
scratch that, we still worship
no deities, no offerings,
just the wonder as we look
out onto the universe.

Ghosts still hang from the ceiling
ghosts of parties past, literally and figuratively,
pumpkins and cauldrons ablaze
adorn the front lawn
Ironically, all the cob webs cleaned away
in favor of fake ones, now taken down

I feel the quite and content feeling
that is the country and I do love it.
Its Friday and wild rushes of customers
will soon be upon me,
just as it was a few short hours ago.
The contrast is wonderful.
Peaceful solitude to
rooms full of loud boisterous strangers
sharing their wonder
and giving these beautiful instruments
a home where together with their owners
they will explore the sky so vast
and with such a distant past
their problem, our problems
become so insignificant,
they feel irrelevant
and puts us a peace.

To feel one with everything
one only has to look
And these stately instruments provide that
feeling of oneness
Galaxies, billions of light years away
their photons traveling across the universe
since before the dinosaurs roam
just hit you in the eye
quantum physics tells us that that photon
“knew” the instant it left it was destined for you’re eye
half way across known space.

Now that gives me thrill.

Yearning for further discoveries and adventure, but tonight I will be content with the beauty in the shop.