I want too much

I want too much,
I need too much,
I love too much,

I want adventure,
I want tranquility,

I want to explore,
I want to stay home,

I want the unknown,
I want the familiar,

I want a lover,
I want a friend,

I want a companion,
I want to be alone,

I want to act crazy,
I want to be respected,

I want to own a huge empire,
I want to live in a simple cabin,

I want to sail the high sees, waves crashing,
I want to drift in a pond, gentle breeze crossing my ears,

I want to sit beneath the tree sleeping, hat on my head
I want to climb the tree to the highest point and wave my hat at the world.

I want a love who is kind, loving and supportive,
I want a love who is strong minded and independent.

I want to run away,
I want to fight the good fight.

This is my life,
I love it,
I don’t

But what I do love, is that the universe is so complicated, that all these things are true at the same time.  This duality makes life wonderful and I feel I will never be bored with it.