Islands After School

While in learning
We are trapped with many others
This bonds us and brings us close
Many find their other halves
but what of those that somehow
end up on the other side
still as half?
Now life is like an island
with a few tourists coming and going
but no one is trapped together.
We are more free than ever
yet it feels we’ll be trapped alone forever.

In vain attempts, we fund online bridges
that seem to collapse when we try to cross them.

For me, I could cross a real bridge
over the river
but the conflict of time
makes those around me quiver
for the meeting times of these islanders
is the same for those of astronomers.

What to do but keep broadcasting
Myspace, True, eHarmony, Yahoo
All channels transmitting
with intermittent signals returning
all just presses of keys
when they should be presses of hands against faces
for how can keys communicate the softness and sincerity of a touch
for that, we must leave our island.

Does anyone want to arrange a time?