My Dilemas…

Things felt better,
Till I got a letter,
Current battles,
On so many levels,
The world it straddles,
Friends trapped in war in far off places,
While I Sit here in the rain making faces,
Through betrayal by kin,
We are cut off again,
Imprisoned by proxy,
Through poetry we build moxie.

For another I long,
I dance to her song,
I hug her bear,
But more, I do not dare.

I feel trapped by others rules,
In a cage that time pulls,
Waiting for others to be released,
I have this time, this purgatory,
I could use it to be ever free,
But then comes crashing the economy,
Now, my time feels of waste,
So much to do, I must make haste,
Because in the end,
When rejoined with friend,
No better off will I be,
And this sharpens my agony,
So many irons in the fire,
They are all a glow,
Some brighter than others,
I am waiting for one to really go,
but buckets of water the world continues to throw.
I am so close to being free,
It’s just infuriating to me,
Life is to short to wait,
Sitting with all my horses at the gate,
Checking their shoes, brushing their hair,
Doing what I can to keep them there,
But nothing is going to happen,
Unless these damn gates open,
If they don’t open this year,
Then cry the dogs of war and fear!
I will open them with brute force,
This will destroy my current world of course,
But I cannot stand by,
While life flows dry,
We will stand on the mountain of freedom,
Overlooking the smoldering battlefield of oppression,
Our long jackets waving like the flags of aggression
We will have our hour
Or with our blood the ground will be sour.


For now, I shall hold myself back,

Though my patience does not lack,
It is not infinite.
For now, I will watch the rain,
And try to sooth the pain
For now…