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Pilots Henry and Maria, reeling from the consequences of Prohibition, are in a world that’s changing faster than they can keep up. Caught in a struggle between the Mob, the US government, Mao’s Communists, China’s KMT, Russia’s Red and White armies and the Japanese Imperial Army, they must balance their internal struggle with the world’s struggle going on all around them. Join them in this harrowing epic novel that spans the globe during great upheaval known as 1936.

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In the not so distant future, the invention of gravity drive engines allows humans to leave Earth easily and cheaply. This quick, chaotic expansion causes the devastating FFBB war and ends in a shift in power away from Earth. After the war, many thought they had won their freedom, but soon find that they had just traded their governments for new corporate masters. Now, with a new invention, things are about to change once again. This new power could reestablish Earth’s dominance, give the corporations ultimate power, or free all of humanity, forever. Captain Atticus Elliot has no idea what he’s gotten himself and his crew into, but they soon find they hold the key to humanity’s future in their hands, if only they can survive.


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51JMX41HIrL._SX368_BO1,204,203,200_A collection of eccentric poems that will make you laugh, arouse your senses and break your heart. Poems about space, love, death, relationships, and even the challenge of cleaning one’s room.


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13335492_10209130000225130_1744783121_nA Historical Fiction novel about 1936 Manchuria.

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Sean’s Astronomy Shop Brass Binocular Image Stabilizers (SAS Dob Rod) are back!

DSC00851 image110″ Brass Image Stabilizer for smaller binoculars (8×42 or smaller)

$24.95 IN STOCK


12″ Brass Image Stabilizer for larger binoculars. (10×50 or larger)

                                             $29.95 IN STOCK


1/4-20 Camera image3adapter for any finder mount. Made from solid aluminum, this will turn any finder bracket into a camera mount.

image4image11/4-20 Camera adapter for any finder mount. Made from solid aluminum, this will turn any finder bracket into a camera mount. This gives you the capability to use your telescope’s tracking for wide field astrophotography, simply by swapping out your finder for your camera.

Most modern telescopes have a small dovetail bracket for a finder scope. This will fit all known brands including Vixen, GSO, Synta, Celestron, Meade, Orion, Zhumell, X-class, etc.


35 in stock

            $29.95 IN STOCK


Dovetail Mount for Vixen Super Polaris.

50 in stock.

This heavy duty Vixen style dovetail clamp threads onto any existing Vixen Super Polaris mount.

The Super Polariimage4s mount was a great mount with precision gearing, but it lacked the convenient modern dovetail arrangement that all modern mounts have. Now you can convert this otherwiimage2se fantastic mount in seconds.

It has threads for two 6mm thumb 653575-2screws, which came standard with the Super Polaris. If your mount has had the holes drilled out, like many out there, then you simply need to get a pair of 6mm bolts.

         $89.95 IN STOCK


Our newest product allows you to attach guide cameras, laser pointers, solar finders and more to any camera with a flash hot shoe.

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         $39.95 IN STOCK